The backpacks came into being in 1910. Ever since people have been using them in order to travel and for various other purposes as well. However, there are many backpacks out there that have been designed poorly. That is unfortunate for sure. This is because they can lead to issues such as chronic back pain and poor posture. These issues can affect people of all ages.

The things to keep in mind
When it comes to ergonomics and safety for your backpack there are a few steps that you should follow. They should be enumerated as below:
1. Always select a backpack that has padded and wide shoulder straps.
2. The backpack should always be positioned below your shoulders and over your hips.
3. Always wear both shoulder straps so that you do not have any issues with the alignment of your shoulders.
4. Your backpack should ideally have various compartments. That would help distribute the load a lot better.
5. You should never pack in more than 15% of your body weight in your backpack.
6. Always keep your backpack down when you are standing for a longer period of time such as standing in a line.
7. You should always lift your backpacks by squatting down. This means that you use your legs to do the lifting and not your back.
8. Try and clean your backpack on a regular basis. This would make sure that you are able to clean out items that are no longer necessary for you. Carrying these items could be weighing you down as well.
9. Always look for backpacks that come with chest and waist belts. This helps distribute the load better.
10. You should always buy backpacks that stand upright when they are put on ground.

So, now that you know what needs to be done be sure to follow the same as well.