History Of Backpack

Like every significant inclusion in your life, your backpack has a history as well. The earliest history of modern backpacks — a favorite among travelers, college goers and hikers- can be traced back to 1972. In fact in the 70s, the commonest version of a backpack was a strap of cloth or leather fastened round a bunch of books to ensure safe and somewhat convenient carriage. While initially straps enjoyed unprecedented popularity, they eventually perished giving way to designs, somewhat similar to the backpacks that we use today.

Here’s a look at the evolution of backpacks from its earliest known history.

Backpacks: When they were strictly about convenience

Talking about the less-known history of backpacks, one can hardly miss mentioning Gerry Outdoors, who had invented the very first backpack with zipper. This was the time when backpacks were widely used for camping and hiking. Between the 30s and 60s — it was the satchels that were widely used by kids for carrying their school bags. Besides, the briefcase-like satchels –of course- the canvas and leather bags enjoyed a fair share of popularity as well.

The Emergence of Nylon Backpacks Brought “Style” to the Convenient Backpacks

The introduction of the nylon backpacks in the scene — however- was deemed as a revolution of sorts. Combining the ease of lightweight, the reliance of durability and the assurance of style — the nylon backpacks earned the attention of the biggest brands and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It was in the year 1967 that the modern nylon backpacks actually came into existence and since then they have continued to rule the portfolios of the leading brands out there.

Since then, we have witnessed the steady rise of lightweight backpacks making their way into our lives. To get your hands on the coolest, trendiest and durable backpacks make sure you’re checking out the online stores without fail!