5 Packing Hacks To Lighten Your Luggage

Are you a compulsive over-packer? In that case you are not alone. The process of traveling often becomes a stressful one. This is why there is always the natural tendency to throw in some extra clothing, tech items, and beauty products while packing your suitcase. However, if you want to lighten your suitcase for the next trip there are some simple tips that you can follow as they would help you stay organized. This way, you would also not need to carry around a bag that is so heavy that it is unreasonable. This also means not having to pay extra baggage fee.

  1. Packing for a week at the most and planning to do laundry

Experts suggest that you pack no more than a week’s worth of clothes. This is applicable even when your trip is going to be longer. Keep washing the items that you need along the way. You can do this by sending them to laundry or washing the clothes in your hotel sink.

  1. Packing around a basic color

Experts say that it is always better in these cases to pack around one basic color such as black, olive green, or navy. This may be an old rule of thumb in these cases but it really works! However, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice style completely.

  1. Packing three pairs of shoes at the most

Experts say that people often pack more shoes than they need. However, if you can limit the number of shoes you pack to three pairs at the most it would help you keep your wardrobe within limits and also make sure that you are not packing more than you need.

  1. Using a wardrobe planner

If you can plan your travel wardrobe in terms of outfit it would indeed be a great way to make sure that you are not packing more than you need. Experts suggest that you make a physical list of every outfit that you are packing for your days, nights, and the various activities and events that you take part in.

  1. Packing visually

There is a packing ratio that you can follow in this case – this is something that the experts do as well. For example, you could pack three tops for each pair of bottoms such as pants. While packing it would also be better if you keep clothes on hangers with such a ratio in mind.

Apart from these you should also know what you should roll and what you should fold. At times, when you roll your clothes it can help you save space in your suitcase but it is crucial that you think of the fabrics when you decide how you would fold the clothes. In much the same way, compression cubes and bags are going to be of a lot of help to you in this case. Packing cubes have become a popular travel accessory these days. Cubes that use compression technology would not only help you keep organized but help you save space in the suitcase too.