Raincoats – The Advantages And How To Choose The Best

Raincoats are such a huge savior on days you need to go to work no matter how rainy the weather is. Umbrellas are not as convenient as raincoats. It is much easier to handle a raincoat. Let us go through some of its benefits and the guide to how to choose the best one.

Advantages of a raincoat:

On windy days, holding an umbrella is tough. But you can easily slip into a raincoat. If you are riding a vehicle, you can’t carry an umbrella. A raincoat is a much better option. Lightweight raincoats with pouches are flexible and can easily fit into backpacks. Raincoats come in a wide range of fits, shades, styles and look much better than carrying an umbrella.

The guide to choosing the best raincoat:
Coming across that one raincoat that is a perfect blend of both looks and usability is rare. Here are some tips you can follow choosing your raincoat:

Material: This is the most crucial thing to consider before selecting a particular raincoat. Always check if the raincoat you are buying is 100% waterproof. Always go for a raincoat fabric that is light and breathable. Such fabric is easier to pack in and carry around.

Fit: You need to ensure that the raincoat is neither too loose nor body-con. Make sure that you can wear 1-2 layers below your raincoat. Also, check if the shoulder width of the raincoat is comfortable enough for your body.

Length: To keep your body completely dry even during the heaviest downpours, go for raincoats that are full length or at least below the knee. The sleeve length has to be perfect. A longer sleeve covering your wrist can be inconvenient, and a shorter sleeve riding up your arm will not give complete rain protection.

Design Details: You will like your raincoat much better if it has additional accessories like a hood or some nice pockets. They don’t just instantly make you look smart but also make the raincoat more functional. A good hood will protect your hair from getting wet, and pockets are great for storage purposes.

Shade: Now, this might not seem to be very important. But you should consider it before you decide on that one perfect raincoat for yourself. You will be wearing your raincoat over your dress almost every single day during monsoons. Your raincoat must reflect your style.

Are you a big fan of funky, peppy shades? Go for raincoats with bright pops of colors, maybe neon. Do you prefer keeping it more classy? A raincoat with a neutral color palette or a basic hue like black or grey might suit you more. Decide the kind of look you want to portray and choose accordingly.

Monsoons are beautiful but it causes a lot of chaos in our daily busy lives. There is nothing more important than choosing the perfect raincoat in the rainy season. Go ahead and explore the range to find the best one.