Travel Duffel Versus Backpacks

Both duffel bags and backpacks are popular choices among travelers. There are times when travelers are seriously confused about their choice of luggage. It’s always a virtual tussle between duffel and backpacks. All we would suggest is – find out about the features that separate one from the other. It’ll help you choose between duffel bags and backpacks wisely.


The size of your luggage definitely makes for one of the most important components in this case. However, be sagacious enough to prioritize security as well. In this regard, do let us tell you that both duffel bags and backpacks score in this case.

Both the bags are rendered less secure if you aren’t using proper zip locks. When it comes to backpacks it is important to ensure that you’re not choosing zip locks only for the main component but also for the external pockets.


Do remember that backpacks are made available in many sizes. However, there are limitations to what you can carry. Thanks to their shapes and limited openings, you might as well end up packing only the essentials – which isn’t such a bad thing (if you carefully think about it). When it comes to duffel bags – however- there’s actually no limit to what you can carry around. The duffel bags are virtually available in all imaginable capacities. However, be careful if you’re carrying the soft-sided duffel bags since they are harder to carry when you’re carrying less than 2/3rd of the bag’s weight. The duffel bags end up losing their shape in that case.

Both the duffel bags and backpacks are almost squash-able. So you can actually fit them under beds, seats or luggage shelves easily.

For travelers, who have the habit of over packing, backpacks are a great choice because they help you prioritize essentials – owing to their restricted size. You can go for duffel bags, otherwise.