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5 Ways To Find The Best Travel Bags For You

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” as correctly said by the eminent poet Oscar Wilde, there should be no repent while traveling. Not all travel bags are equal in functionalities and hence choosing the right bag can help you in many ways. Sometimes people spend a lot of money on finding the […]

History Of Backpack

Like every significant inclusion in your life, your backpack has a history as well. The earliest history of modern backpacks — a favorite among travelers, college goers and hikers- can be traced back to 1972. In fact in the 70s, the commonest version of a backpack was a strap of cloth or leather fastened round […]


The backpacks came into being in 1910. Ever since people have been using them in order to travel and for various other purposes as well. However, there are many backpacks out there that have been designed poorly. That is unfortunate for sure. This is because they can lead to issues such as chronic back pain […]

Clients Testimonials

Nidhi, Mumbai – My gift to myself and I love, love, love it. This will become my bag that I carry with me always. The craftsmanship is outstanding. A true artist created and made the bag to perfection!!!!! The leather is softer than imagined. There are no mere words to really explain how much I love this new bag. Pearl bags , you are my favourite site. I will plan on visiting to see what else you have in the works! Thanks for everything.

Sameer, Delhi – This item is very well made. Sturdy. I will own this one for years to come. I can’t say enough about customer service. They are really wonderful to work with.