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Ways to Choose a School Bag

Choosing the right school bag for your kid is not essentially about prioritizing style. At the heart of the selection of the right school bag for your kid is a comfort. Notably, the consequences of choosing the wrong school bag are graver than what you think. Today, more and more children are reporting back pain […]

Backpacks: The Advantages Explored

Backpacks can very simply be described as the trendier, lighter – rather more organized versions of the traditional school bags that we used to lug around with – as kids. It has been consistently maintained that carrying backpacks is a way easier proposition than carrying other bags. Regardless of the distance, you’re covering, it’s way […]

Are you using the right bags?

Backpack you’re about to buy remains a substantial investment. You need to exercise due discretion while choosing one. Buyers, often, commit the mistake of making hasty decisions – without even taking time to consider why they need a certain backpack. Are you using the right bags? If you are considering the following factors while buying […]

Clients Testimonials

Nidhi, Mumbai – My gift to myself and I love, love, love it. This will become my bag that I carry with me always. The craftsmanship is outstanding. A true artist created and made the bag to perfection!!!!! The leather is softer than imagined. There are no mere words to really explain how much I love this new bag. Pearl bags , you are my favourite site. I will plan on visiting to see what else you have in the works! Thanks for everything.

Sameer, Delhi – This item is very well made. Sturdy. I will own this one for years to come. I can’t say enough about customer service. They are really wonderful to work with.